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The Seventh Spring

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Featuring Ciska Ruitenberg (vocals).

All other instruments by dot cox. Recorded and mixed by dot cox at Sunflower Studios.


The first spring was incongruous:
that this winter should end
and another never will.
His earthern heart is broken,
where callow uprooted and tossed aside
his daffodil.

The work began as two;
he carries on as one,
knowing she will live again
when the work is done.

The second spring steals in
and finds his tools are still:
a stillness bittersweet.
The work has been realised
but the dream will remain
ever incomplete.

He's sinking to the surface,
he's empty to the brim.
Elizabeth is gone,
Elizabeth is born.

Winter on winter, cold as a curse
coccoons himself in yearning.
Spring after spring, a no-nonsense nurse
insists on returning.